2016 Honorary Member

In Memory of the Late David Ron a Honorable Fellow of the ISMBE

David was born in Germany, immigrated to Israel at age 2, and raised in Rehovot. He studied at the Technical School at Haifa (The 'Techni'), and served in the Israeli Air Force. After his release fromthe army, he worked for seven years at the faculty of nuclear physics at the Weismann Institute of Science. Thus, his bio-medicine education was non-formal.
David’s start in medicine occurred in 1972 in a little startup called Fun Engineering, adjacent to Tel Aviv University, where the first surgical laser was developed, the “Sharflen”, named after Prof. Kaplan and the engineer Uzzi Sharon. Here David developed a system for conducting laser rays within a flexible universal arms system. David was appointed to supervise and operate these two experimental devices in operating rooms at Belinson Hospital, for a period of two years, including the Yom Kippur war, where dozens of operations were performed with these instruments on burn victims.
He continued at Laser Industries which developed and industrialized the laser machines, becoming a world leader in the field.
In 1975 David joined Meditronix, an importer of medical devices specializing in eye care, his primary responsibilities being marketing to optometrists and eye doctors.
In 1978 David joined Medtechnica, then one of the leaders in medical devices marketing in Israel, and was in-charge of marketing eye, cardiology, blood vessels, urology, gynecology, ultrasounds, and operating room equipment. His main specialty was in body implants such as – pace makers, intraocular lenses, all orthopedic implants, heart valves, and neurosimulators. Each field required in-depth learning and specialization in the work technique in order to properly instruct doctors in the innovations. A short episode – at this time a young doctoral fellow named Peretz Lavi arrived, and with David constructs a multi-channel polygraph machine to research sleep. Simultaneously David guided the intraocular lenses development, which was very rare at the time, to 50000 implants a year.
In 1983 David founded an independent company called “Gal Ron Medical Devices Inc” utilizing the great reputation he earned. Shortly the company became a major player in many medical fields including, prosthetics and implants, pace makers, neurosurgery implants, eye, nose, and ear implants. The company dealt with all branches of endoscopy development, including general surgery, microsurgery, gynecology, urology, and gastrology. Likewise David was part of improving existing endoscopic machinery, their minimization, and quality improvement of the imaging received during surgery. It is important to stress, that each such device required a distinct specialization, learning the innovations, and each such device got the attention as if it were the sole device. The company reached peak operation with the importation of the cochlear-implant, an experimental project that garnered great success in Israel. David accompanied all the seven experimental operations that were performed at the time.
In 1998 David decided to sell the company to a competitor, which complemented the array of medical devices. He continued on in the merged company while focusing on the fascinating emerging field of microscopic robots for microsurgery, focusing on neurosurgery, and marketing novel minute endoscopic machinery.
In 1999 David joined Medvision, situated in Yokne'am, which developed a digital camera for the eye retina. The company was already on the verge of closure, and had let go most of its staff. David as the CEO of Gal Ron, which represented amongst others Japanese KOWA, one of the world leaders of retina imaging at the time, was recruited to implement the digital instead of film photography which was prevalent. During a year and a half in the US, David succeeded in reviving the company, and today Medvision resides in Sacramento and leads the field of digital retina imaging.
In 2000 David founded Medical Dimensions (MD), together with Dr. Dan Galvin and Ruth Robinson, both like David with rich medical technology experience, whose purpose was to provide professional, industrial, and marketing consulting to startup companies, utilizing their vast knowledge and connections. The company provided services to incubators, venture capital funds, entrepreneurs, and companies with difficulties to create markets for their products. Dozens of business plans and marketing plans were devised, and the company became an integral part of several medical incubators.
In 2009 MD was closed, and 37 years of intense work come to an end.
In 2010 David received a colon cancer diagnosis and since then dealt with the medical world form the other side of the fence. He received the ISMBE honorable fellowship in 2016, and after 6 arduous years of battling the disease he passed away on the 28.8.2016, leaving behind a wife and 3 daughters. He will be sorely missed.
We will always cherish his activities and contribution to the Biomedical Engineering field.